Probate or Administration

A Grant of Probate is obtained where there is a Will and a grant of Letters of Administration where there is no Will. 

The process involves identifying who should apply for a Grant, arranging publication and gathering together the necessary documentation to make the application.


Most applications for a grant of probate are fairly standard. That does not mean that they do not deserve the same level of skill and care as a complex matter.

We will work with you to ensure the prompt application for a grant of probate and fast and efficient distribution to beneficiaries.

Probate Testimonials

From the same client with the Complex Administration

“I retained Boyd-Boland Law for the probate of my mothers estate, a more straightforward matter but done with the same level of care and professionalism. “


International Probate

We acted on behalf of Executors in relation to an Estate with assets in excess of three million dollars. 

The estate property included a number assets that were located overseas.

 In the circumstances, it was necessary for us to work with lawyers located in that other country, to attend the Consulate of that country in Australia and to complete various documents to enable the re-sealing of the Probate in the foreign jurisdiction.

Client testimonial

“Boyd-Boland Law were able to explain the process from the beginning and to get the Grant of Probate quickly and look after all of the complexities. I strongly recommend them.”


Complex Administration

We acted on behalf of the Administrator in relation to an estate with assets in excess of five million dollars including various commercial and residential properties, an ongoing commercial enterprise and bank accounts.  The Estate was a partially administered estate for over 50 years. The earlier Administrator had passed away, there was a need to identify, locate and contact all of the beneficiaries, a number of whom lived overseas.  We needed to obtain the consent of the various beneficiaries to the appointment of the administrator. It was then necessary to distribute the estate to a number of beneficiaries including other estates.

Client testimonial

“This had been in the family “too hard basket” for years. After some research into lawyers I contacted Boyd-Boland Law, we met to discuss the matter and worked out a strategy and process for how to move forward. The complexity of the estate threw up a lot of “issues” along the way. Stephen was able to address all of these and keep the matter on track. Stephen was able to explain with detail the issues we faced and find solutions. We got an excellent outcome with a really good time frame. I would recommend Stephen to anybody with an Estate matter.”


Complex Probate

We acted on behalf of Executors in relation to an Estate with assets in excess of seven million dollars. 

The estate property included a number of houses, superannuation, various shares, other investment products, together with an interest in a family trust and an interest in another trust. 

We worked with the executors and the beneficiaries Distribution involved numerous different gifts to various beneficiaries and a substantial gift to a charity.

Client testimonial

“Excellent service. 

We were able to get the Grant of Probate quickly, whilst there were a lot of complexities with the assets, none of this was an issue for us, Boyd-Boland Law looked after all of it, they kept us informed along the way and the estate was finalised in good time.”